Qingdao has convenient transportation (with traffic map). The venue is 70 kilometers away from Qingdao Liuting Airport, 62 kilometers away from Qingdao High Speed Railway Station.
Ways to arrive or leave Qingdao:
1, aviation route: Qingdao Liuting International Airport.
2, high railway line: Beijing or high-speed rail to Qingdao high-speed rail station.
3, domestic self-driving route: the highway navigation to reach Qingdao Hotel.
Bus line: Subway Line 3 → Qingxi Express Line → Huangdao 307 Road, about 68.9 kilometers
1. Walk about 380 meters from Qingdao North Railway Station and arrive at Qingdao North Railway Station.
2. Take Metro Line 3, after 21 stops, arrive at Qingdao Station.
3. Walk about 300 meters to Qingdao Railway Station
4. Take the Qingxi Expressway, after 2 stops, arrive at Binhai Xincun Station.
5. Walk about 110 meters and arrive at Binhai Xincun Station.

Venue: westin Qingdao west coast hotel
Address: 7977 binhai avenue, huangdao district, Qingdao city
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