Qingdao Beer Museum

The Qingdao Beer Museum was established in the old factory and old equipment of Tsingtao Brewery 100 years ago, with the 100-year history and process flow of Tsingtao Brewery as the main line.

·It is divided into three tourist areas: Hall A: Centennial Historical and Cultural Exhibition Area, Hall B: Brewing Process of Tsingtao Brewery, Hall C: Multi-functional Interactive Recreation Area.
·In the center of the square is the Arabic "100" statue, named "Hundred Years", which was held on August 15, 2003 to welcome the 100-year anniversary of Tsingtao Brewery.
·For every visitor who has purchased tickets, the museum will give away a cup of puree beer, a bag of beer beans, a glass of draft beer, and taste it twice.

Venue: westin Qingdao west coast hotel
Address: 7977 binhai avenue, huangdao district, Qingdao city
Contact E-mail: service@ips-cnc.com