Eight Great Passes

The Eight Great Passes refers to the eight roads named after the eight gates of the Great Wall (now increased to ten). Because Guanzhong has concentrated more than 20 national architectural style villas in Russia, Britain, France, Germany and Mai, there is the “Wanguo Architecture Expo”. The name.

Guan Nei Hua Shi Lou and Princess House are the most famous, the architectural style is unique, you need to collect tickets, it is here to call the card.
In addition to the ornamental buildings, you can also enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Eight Great Passes. The Shaoguan Road is full of green peaches and blooms in spring; the Zhengyangguan Road is full of Ziwei, which blooms in summer; the Juyongguan Road is Wujiao Maple, the autumn frost-dyed maple red; the sides of Zijingguan Road It is a row of cedars, and the seasons are evergreen.

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