Qingdaos earliest military-only artificial dock is Qingdaos landmark building and famous scenic spots.

· The octagonal floor inside the breakwater at the southern end is called the "Back Court". With this in mind, you can enjoy the shocking scene of one of the ten scenic spots in Qingdao.
· The north side of the coast is known as the "Trestle Park". The garden is lush and lush, with stone chairs for visitors to relax and enjoy the sea and sky scenery.

· There are a lot of tourists on the trestle, especially for various holidays. You need to pay attention to safety while walking on the trestle, and keep your own items.
· Huiyi Pavilion is currently only open to the first floor. The maximum daily carrying capacity of the first floor visitors is 40 people. You can get a tour card at the entrance for free, and you can enter the pavilion for free.

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